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ERP Committee at Gribbins Shares Project’s Progress and Benefits

According to the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Committee, several elements of the company’s software transition are underway. The system selected is Vista by Viewpoint—Viewpoint provides construction-specific software for companies worldwide. For Gribbins, the Vista system will unify Accounting/Human Resources, Project Management, Project Collaboration, Mobile Functionality, Estimating, Content Management, and Service Management all into one program. The mission of the conversion is to strengthen the company’s foundation for continued growth, streamline current processes, and gain new tools for obtaining, analyzing, and reporting information. 

The ERP Committee consists of Pat Wahl, Kip O’Connell, Joy Veatch, Marla Striewe, Stacey Forrester, Kelly Skelton, and Megan Knoll. Leading the committee is, Joy Veatch, who observes, “Any software transition is a complex process, and having knowledgeable guidance for the new system is absolutely necessary.” The ERP Committee hosted Viewpoint representatives at the Evansville location April 18th-21st for the first of several on-site sessions.

The Goal: “Go Live” November 2017

The ability to “Go Live” involves multiple steps. The first, and perhaps most difficult, is building the bones of the Accounting system. Veatch explains, “We relied heavily on the Viewpoint reps to guide us on how to best structure Accounting so that we may receive the most benefit from the ERP’s capabilities.  After 3 ½ days of guided setup, I am continuing the process and checking ‘homework’ items off my list.”

The next phase is Operations, which includes process training for Estimators/Project Managers. Veatch notes, “The Project Management capabilities of Vista are very impressive and will be a true asset in how we can estimate and deliver a project to the benefit of both Gribbins and its customers.”

The final step is when the students, i.e., the ERP Committee members, become the teachers. The ERP Committee will train all Gribbins staff to properly use the new system. Joy Veatch enthuses, “I am VERY excited to be involved in this

transition. In my eyes the ERP will be a huge improvement over the current system, and should give staff the tools they need to best perform their jobs.”

AEP Rockport Project

AEP RockportGribbins Fills Tall Order in Rockport

Standing 1,038 feet high, the central smokestack at the American Electric Power (AEP) Rockport generating station is not only the tallest in Indiana, it’s also among the world’s tallest. The Spencer County generating station is the site of a current project led by Evansville Project Manager, Aubrey Forrester.

Scope and Timeline of Project

Forrester, along with key field employees, Carl Honeycutt and Demetrious Tinsley, led their Gribbins team in the removal and replacement of insulation and lagging on 42” diameter high energy piping and the associated fittings from March through early June 2017.  The Gribbins crew continues to work on the AEP Rockport site for ongoing maintenance needs.

Safety: Above All at Gribbins

In keeping with the Gribbins commitment to safety, Forrester notes the crew members are required to wear half mask respirators, hard hats, safety glasses, steel toe boots, and safety harnesses. As far as the rewards experienced, Aubrey Forrester succinctly states these positives: “Completing the project safely, under budget, and installing quality work.”

Memphis VA Hospital Project

Memphis VA Hospital Insulation Project

It’s an Honor Serving the Memphis VA Hospital

Calvert City Project Manager, Billy Everette, recently discussed a 4-month project that began April 10, 2017 at a VA Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. The scope of the current project is sizable: re-insulation of approximately 30,000 feet of piping removed due to moisture and mold issues. In addition to Everette, the undertaking involves key field employees, Jim Spivey and Kenneth Spivey.


Safety: Always a Priority with Gribbins

Everette reports all employees involved with the project were required to undergo testing for TB. In addition, a site safety plan was established for workspace constraints and heat exposure. While ensuring workplace safety is always a priority, the Gribbins team members also strategically and successfully overcome the challenges associated with working in a hospital setting. Everette describes specific complexities, including “Tracking and maintaining material quantities and production quantities on a large scale in a tight work space. Maneuvering materials and workforce to get the project completed with the least amount of disturbance to the VA’s day-to-day operations.”

What a Gribbins Professional Finds Personally Rewarding

While reflecting on how the project touches him personally, Billy Everette shares, “It’s a large project that has a lot of pieces that I can put together to have a successful project, and the result is that I can help make a difference in bettering the safety and health of our country’s wounded veterans.” When asked if there’s anything he’d like to add, Everette replies, “Just a shout out to Semper Tek www.sempertekinc.com for allowing us to be a part of this project. Semper Tek is a Disabled Veteran Owned Company.”

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