Summary of Industrial Services

Scaffolding Design

Our team of project managers utilizes cutting-edge techniques and software to create scaffolding structures that precisely match your project’s requirements. We consider critical factors such as load capacity, access points, work scope, and site conditions to craft efficient and dependable scaffolding designs.

Scaffolding Installation & Dismantling

Our skilled scaffolding teams are trained to safely and efficiently assemble and disassemble scaffolding systems. With meticulous planning and attention to detail, we ensure a seamless and timely installation process, minimizing disruptions to your operations. When your project concludes, we swiftly dismantle the scaffolding, leaving your site clean and prepared for the next phase.

Project Management & Consultation

We provide comprehensive project management services, guiding you from initial planning to final execution. Our team collaborates closely with you to evaluate project requirements, develop scaffolding strategies, and coordinate seamlessly with other trades. We take pride in delivering projects on time and within budget while upholding the highest safety standards.

Specialized Industrial Solutions

Capital Projects

Problem: The scaffolding scope of a large Capital Project is ever-changing. It can be difficult for scaffold companies to offer clarity to their customer when it comes to how many scaffolds they have standing, where they are located, what scope of work the scaffolds are supporting, and the hours it takes to perform the work.

Solution: We use industry-leading inventory and accounting software paired with time-tested project management methods in order to provide an accurate view of real-time costs and an accurate summary of details on the location of scaffolds, build dates, number of pieces standing, and associated work order numbers. Our customers receive full clarity on the key facets of their projects.

Turnarounds & Outages

Problem: Turnarounds and outages can face rigorous time and safety requirements and must be supported by a reliable and capable partner.

Solution: We provide experienced project management that is capable of planning and designing scaffolds in a way that optimizes user safety and productivity, from mobilization through start-up, all while maintaining clarity on progress schedules, job costs, and scaffold equipment management.

Emergent Maintenance Needs

Problem: Industrial facilities often have unexpected maintenance needs on their key equipment. This maintenance often requires access.

Solution: We have experienced crews that specialize in the pressures of emergent work. This offers our customers the reliability to know that we will give them access to key pieces of equipment in a timely manner. Our customer’s needs are our needs, and we thrive in emergent situations that require us to be the first in and last out.

You can rely on our expertise to deliver scaffolding solutions of the highest caliber, customized to suit the unique requirements of your industrial projects. Our commitment to your project’s success is unwavering, with a primary focus on safety, efficiency, and adherence to regulations.


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