Understanding Mechanical Insulation

Mechanical insulation, often referred to as the “forgotten technology,” is industrial thermal insulation. It extends beyond just pipe insulation, encompassing a broad spectrum of equipment and mechanical systems, including those associated with boilers, HVAC, and ducts. As a highly experienced mechanical insulation contractor, our mechanical insulation performs these extremely crucial functions:

  • Conserving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Regulating the temperature of process systems
  • Condensation control and mold prevention
  • Personnel protection from hot or cold surfaces

Defining Mechanical Insulation

According to the Mechanical Insulation Design Guide, mechanical insulation addresses thermal, acoustical, and personnel safety requirements across various applications. In the commercial sector, it finds application in education, health care, retail, and more, while the industrial sector sees its use in power plants, refineries, and heavy manufacturing. Unlike building envelope insulation found in walls and roofs, mechanical insulation targets equipment, piping, and industrial processes, utilizing materials like cellular, fibrous, flake, granular, and reflective insulation.

Industry Impact and Sustainability

The mechanical insulation industry has a profound impact on energy efficiency, emissions reduction, and safety benefits across diverse sectors such as manufacturing, power plants, hospitals, and government buildings. Despite being a silent hero in energy conservation, it faces challenges in recognition. Current “green” rating systems often overlook its standalone use for credits. However, studies reveal that mechanical insulation plays a crucial role in energy savings, with proper maintenance potentially generating significant cost savings, reduced emissions, and job creation. The long-lasting impact of mechanical insulation is underscored by its ability to save more energy and reduce emissions over its lifespan than required for its manufacturing.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Mechanical Insulation Companies?

Founded in 1985, Gribbins is the largest employer of insulators in Southern Indiana. Our clients include Eli Lilly , Alcoa, Toyota, Ashland, Marathon, Indianpolis Power & Light, and Duke Energy. Our award-winning program is one of the best in the country, and our employees steadfastly adhere to our standareds of quality, safety, and professionalism.

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