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Proud to be Green

At Gribbins Insulation, we are proud to be a part of the Green Movement.  All of our employees are in a sustainable field of work.  Because of its energy-saving qualities, insulation is an inherently green product.  As an industrial and commercial insulation contractor, every single one of our projects is environmentally-friendly.  The insulation that we install directly improves the efficiency of HVAC systems and process piping and equipment in commercial buildings and industrial plants.  Our customers are some of the largest energy consumers out there, including power plants, hospitals, factories, and schools.

Insulation is one of the oldest types of green building materials and has long been used to save money and improve efficiency.  The aspect of sustainability was often an afterthought.  Even now, in the middle of a major “green movement,” many Federal and State energy programs take mechanical insulation for granted instead of encouraging more.  Recent research from the Department of Energy and the National Insulation Association demonstrates that improvements in the use of mechanical insulation and more stringent insulation requirements would result in major energy savings in the industrial and commercial sectors alone:
$4.8 billion in energy savings, a reduction of 43 million metric tons of CO2 emissions and 89,000 new jobs.   The CO2 reduction would be the equivalent of shutting down nine coal plants every year.

(Click here for the full article from the National Insulation Association.)

To support this effort, Gribbins Insulation offers Certified Insulation Energy Appraisals.  Our appraisers are trained and certified by the National Insulation Association to help facility owners and managers understand the potential cost savings of a properly insulated mechanical system. Click on the logo for more information.

In addition to installing green building materials and performing energy audits, we are committed to waste prevention and recycling as a member of the EPA’s WasteWise program.  Please visit our WasteWise page to learn about our recycling and waste prevention efforts in the office.

In 2010, we were recognized by Marathon Petroleum as a “Green Vendor” based on our commitment to the environment.  The objective of Marathon’s “Green Vendor” initiative was to share innovative ways to reduce water, energy, and chemical use throughout the supply chain.  We are proud to be an environmentally-conscious vendor, and we look forward to working with other companies with this same value.

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