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2018 Q1 Safety Stars!

The Gribbins Safety STAR Program is a positive recognition program for all of our employees.  Any employee can nominate any other employee!  Each quarter, the safety department, area managers, and field coordinators will review all nominations and select up to 5 winners.  The winner and the nominator will each receive 20 bonus safety points.

Thanks to everyone who nominated a fellow employee!  During the voting process, all names and identifying characteristics are removed to ensure a fair vote.  The more detailed nominations seem to result in the winnings.  Give specific reasons and actions to describe why someone deserves to be recognized, so that you and the person you’ve nominated can win!

Click here for the nomination form.

Congratulations to the winners from the first three months of 2018!

Ken Heatherly – While removing insulation around a steam line valve, Kenny noticed white, suspected asbestos material butted up to the fiberglass he was removing. He left the area immediately and reported the finding. The material was sampled and work suspended in that area until results are received.  

Stevie and Reggie Henderson – Two employees repairing metal on the Precip roof 100′ from ground level. This task requires removing several sheets of metal to access the sub girt system which broke loose from windy weather. After taking the lift to the 100′ level to survey damage and remove a few sheets, both decided the situation with the wind was not safe and came down. 

Justin Kraus – Justin paid great attention to detail while instructing a new insulator foreman the proper procedures to take at Toyota while working on a night shift job. Justin explained the JSA process in great detail. He offered multiple suggestions to the new foreman as to how to remain safe while securing pins to ductwork using tuff bond adhesive (we are not able to bend the pins over using this method, resulting in a puncture hazard to anyone walking through the area). Justin also explained the Toyota safety procedure for utilizing an extension ladder to access the work area. I was very impressed with his attention to detail in regards to safety while also informing the new foreman of our scope of work.

Nate Schiff – Nate saw a giant icicle above a door, and he taped off the door so that people would not exit the door and get icicled to death.

Troy Sevier – Troy had to use a ladder for a quick touch up and got permission to borrow an electrician’s ladder that wasn’t being used and was nearby. As he moved it, he realized it was “rickety” and decided to go downstairs and get his Gribbins ladder which was in good shape instead of using the questionable ladder at hand.



Q4 2017 Safety Star Winners

The Gribbins Safety STAR Program is a positive recognition program for all of our employees.  Any employee can nominate any other employee!  Each quarter, the safety department, area managers, and field coordinators will review all nominations and select up to 5 winners.  The winner and the nominator will each receive 20 bonus safety points.

Click here for the nomination form.

Congratulations to the winners from the last quarter of 2017!

Austin Davis / Ryan Hobgood – Austin and Ryan were working on top of a reactor removing insulation and lagging. When the employees removed the lagging, the paper backing on the metal fell to the lower level and started smoldering. Both employees did not panic and climbed down to extinguish the fire. This incident was reported immediately to the foreman, and they then contacted our safety department and the Owner.

Denton Eldredge – Upon realizing his work area was 80 feet up, Denton developed a plan with scaffold board.  Before implementing the plan, he called his supervisor and the Safety Department for approval.  The plan was approved, and Denton completed his work safely.

Tony Barnes  Tony contacted our safety department to examine his work in an equipment room prior to beginning.  The location of the piping and duct requiring insulation was difficult to access, and Tony wanted input and advise on how to complete the task safely.

Phil Alexander – Phil maintained 100% fall protection while working on a scaffold with incomplete guardrails.  This is a standard requirement; however, in this case, maintaining 100% fall protection was especially difficult due to multiple obstructions.  Using two retractable lanyards, employee bent awkwardly, squeezed between and crawled over obstacles, while switching lanyards and connecting/re-connecting to maintain 100% fall protection.

Safety STARS!

The Gribbins Safety STAR Program is a new positive recognition program for all of our employees.  Any employee can nominate any other employee!  Each quarter, the safety department, area managers, and field coordinators will review all nominations and select up to 5 winners.  The winner and the nominator will each receive 20 bonus safety points.

Click here for the online nomination form.

Congratulations to the winners from the 3rd quarter of 2017!

“Employee called scaffold company to build hard barricade around grating removal and contacted owner to ensure we were in compliance with their program.”

“Employee contacted safety to discuss how to proceed on a line that was difficult to access and had a plug missing.”

“Employee had secured pick boards with wire and danger-taped around them so no other employees could access without their permission.”

“Employee was working out of a 125′ aerial lift and noticed the area barricaded below didn’t entirely cover the area below.  He came down and extended the barricade before continuing work.”

“Employee ensured all Gribbins employees were wearing proper PPE on the jobsite even though other contractors were not.”

4th quarter winners will be announced soon!

Core Values Update

In 2010, Gribbins Insulation formally published our core values as: Integrity, Safety, Quality, Productivity, and Innovation. As part of our management and sales retreat in May 2017, we took a hard look at those values, which we want to be the foundation of our decision-making, whether in the office or on the jobsite, in vendor dealings or internal policies.  During that conversation, we realized that Productivity and Innovation, although important, are not part of the foundation on which we perform work and make decisions.  We feel that a core value is something you are not willing to sacrifice.  We are willing to sacrifice productivity and innovation for integrity, safety, and quality.  

Also, we decided to include Service as a core value.  Gribbins Insulation is very committed to service to all stakeholders in our work, including employees, customers, vendors, and owners.  

As a result, our updated core values are:


Profit should be the result of good business.  We say what we mean and do what we say, inspiring trust in our customers, our partners, and our employees.  We strive to “do the right thing” in all situations.


No job is more important that YOU.  Safety is our culture, a value incorporated into every decision.  Through our award-winning safety program, we work hard to ensure all employees return home every day without a scratch, and we believe every employee is accountable for that goal.


We are committed to doing things right and will not sacrifice quality to save time, meet a schedule, or lower a price.  Our comprehensive training programs and extensive supplier network allow the men and women who lead the charge to keep quality at the forefront of what we do.


Our team works hard to anticipate needs and react quickly to exceed those expectations.  Through professionalism, consistent communications, and friendliness, we strive to provide a superior experience for our customers as well as our fellow employees.  We want our clients to ask for us and our employees to stay with us

NEW Points Redemption Site!

The NEW safety points redemption site is live and ready for employees to place orders!

The new website allows employees to check their live safety points balance and order items online.  Employees may choose to have the items shipped to their home or to the Evansville office for pickup.


Your username is your first initial and full last name. Your password is your birthdate in this format – MM/DD/YYYY. After entering this information, click “sign in.”

 EXAMPLE: John Smith born on May 12, 1979

Username: jsmith

Password: 05/12/1979

For detailed instructions for the new points website, click here: gribbinspoints.com Instructions


To redeem your points for tools, review the list of tools here – Gribbins Tool Catalog – then send an email to Vickie Dubord (vdubord@gribbins.com) and Stacey Forrester (sforrester@gribbins.com).  


Please contact Jessica King at Oswald Marketing with questions about your balance or logging in.  Her email address is jessicak@oswaldmarketing.com and you can call her at 812-426-0335.  Of course, you can always contact the safety department as well.

Allie Redman Joins Gribbins Insulation as Payroll Administrator

Evansville, Indiana – Gribbins Insulation continues its growth with the addition of

Allie Redman as Payroll Administrator. Prior to joining Gribbins in May 2017, Redman served as Payroll Administrator at Custom Staffing in Evansville, Indiana. Additional career experience includes fours years on staff at Kenco Management in Mount Vernon, Indiana. Redman is seeking an Associate degree in Accounting at Ivy Tech Community College Southwest, with plans to pursue a Bachelor degree at University of Southern Indiana. In her most recent term at IVY Tech, Redman earned Dean’s List honors.

In describing what drew her to Gribbins, Redman shares, “Between their outstanding reputation for safety, friendly family-owned staff, consistent growth and success, as well as exceptional mission to maximize customer satisfaction, I couldn’t have found a better company to work for and I am proud to say I am Gribbins Insulation’s Payroll Administrator!”

Redman is a native of Mount Vernon, Indiana, and currently resides in Evansville, Indiana.

Founded in 1985, Gribbins Insulation is a commercial and industrial mechanical insulation contractor serving the Midwestern United States. Headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, the company has five branch offices in Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky.

Crystal Eagle Winner – Again!

Press Release: June 6, 2017

Gribbins leadership team with the Crystal Eagle – Trevor Atherton, Safety Manager; Brian Willett, Exec VP; Megan Knoll, Dir of Operations; Jim Gribbins, President; and Mark Gribbins, Senior VP

Indianapolis, Indiana – At the annual banquet May 4, 2017, in Indianapolis for one of the largest gatherings of construction executives and safety leaders in Indiana, the Coalition for Construction Safety (CCS) awarded its highest honor to Gribbins Insulation. Gribbins is the only specialty contractor ever to receive the Crystal Eagle Excellence in Safety trophy. This win also marks the second time the company has earned the coveted award. Selection was made by a panel of judges who reviewed all Excellence in Safety nominees; criteria included field inspections and statistical evaluations. Noted for its commitment to safety, Gribbins is the recipient of numerous safety awards. Accolades include: six-time winner of the CCS Safety Leader Award, four-time recipient of the Indiana Governor’s Workplace Safety Award, Indiana Construction Association Gold Summit Safety Award winner, eleven straight wins in the Marathon Petroleum Co. Illinois Refining Division General Manager’s Contractor Safety Excellence Award competition, recipient of the National Insulation Association Theodore H. Brodie Platinum Safety Award, and dozens more. Company Senior Vice President Mark Gribbins currently serves on the CCS board.


Welcome Joy Veatch, Assistant Controller

Joy Veatch, March 2017Gribbins Insulation welcomes Joy Veatch to the team.  She begins her work with us today, March 6, 2017, in the Evansville office as Assistant Controller.  Ms. Veatch comes to us with eleven years of construction bookkeeping experience. In 2010, she earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern Indiana in Business Administration with a minor in Accounting. Since 2015, she has been the Accounting Supervisor at Peyronnin Construction, a general contractor in Evansville that recently closed their doors. She is currently working towards the Certified Construction Industry Finance Professional (CCIFP) certification from the Construction Financial Management Association.
Joy’s role will be to assist Patrick Wahl, Secretary-Treasurer, in his duties, including tax, ACA, and union reporting; general ledger closing and reporting; job costing, budgeting, and forecasting; and supervising payroll management.
Welcome, Joy!

Open Position: Payroll Administrator

Gribbins Insulation is actively seeking a detail-oriented person to serve as Payroll Administrator at our headquarters in Evansville, IN.  The position will start in mid to late April to allow for training from a retiring employee.


UPDATE 3/29/17

Thank you to all who applied for the position.  The job posting is now closed on ZipRecruiter.

Open Position: Safety Coordinator

Gribbins Insulation is actively seeking a new safety coordinator for the Indy/Terre Haute/Bloomington area.

Please visit ZipRecruiter to learn more about the position and to apply: https://www.ziprecruiter.com/job/1140a4fe

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2018 Q1 Safety Stars!

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Q4 2017 Safety Star Winners

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