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Posted on: February 2, 2018 By: Megan Knoll, Dir of Marketing

Q4 2017 Safety Star Winners

The Gribbins Safety STAR Program is a positive recognition program for all of our employees.  Any employee can nominate any other employee!  Each quarter, the safety department, area managers, and field coordinators will review all nominations and select up to 5 winners.  The winner and the nominator will each receive 20 bonus safety points.

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Congratulations to the winners from the last quarter of 2017!

Austin Davis / Ryan Hobgood – Austin and Ryan were working on top of a reactor removing insulation and lagging. When the employees removed the lagging, the paper backing on the metal fell to the lower level and started smoldering. Both employees did not panic and climbed down to extinguish the fire. This incident was reported immediately to the foreman, and they then contacted our safety department and the Owner.

Denton Eldredge – Upon realizing his work area was 80 feet up, Denton developed a plan with scaffold board.  Before implementing the plan, he called his supervisor and the Safety Department for approval.  The plan was approved, and Denton completed his work safely.

Tony Barnes  Tony contacted our safety department to examine his work in an equipment room prior to beginning.  The location of the piping and duct requiring insulation was difficult to access, and Tony wanted input and advise on how to complete the task safely.

Phil Alexander – Phil maintained 100% fall protection while working on a scaffold with incomplete guardrails.  This is a standard requirement; however, in this case, maintaining 100% fall protection was especially difficult due to multiple obstructions.  Using two retractable lanyards, employee bent awkwardly, squeezed between and crawled over obstacles, while switching lanyards and connecting/re-connecting to maintain 100% fall protection.

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Q4 2017 Safety Star Winners

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