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Posted on: June 10, 2013 By: Megan Knoll, Dir of Marketing

Incident Reporting

It is imperative that all incidents, accidents, property damage, near misses, violations, safety communication by clients/owners be reported immediately.  Any type of incident, no matter how minor it seems, shall be reported to your foreman immediately.  Once the foreman is aware of the incident, or if you are the foreman, you should contact Trevor Atherton at 812-483-8049, Rick Jordan at 812-305-1801or Jake Gribbins (812) 483-6209 within 30 minutes.  Also, the foreman shall contact Nathan Schiff (Evansville), JD Smothers (Terre Haute) or Mike Brown (Louisville) depending on what area you are working in.

ToolboxTalkIt is to the employee’s benefit if the employee reports these incidents immediately.   The employee can receive the medical care that is required to prevent increased severity of the injury and decrease pain and suffering.  One example of this is an eye injury, if an employee feels like they have gotten something in their eye it needs to be reported immediately so they can get the appropriate first aid care to remove the debris.  This is an incident that if not taken care of immediately can cause more damage to the eye by the employee rubbing their eye or the debris becoming imbedded in the eye.  Another example would be lacerations that could become infected.  It is imperative that the laceration be cleaned out and antibiotics applied to prevent infection.  Another reason to report is that worker’s compensation requires the employee report the incident within the work shift that the injury occurs.  Also, when incidents and near misses are reported procedures or policies can be put in place to keep employees from being injured in the future from the same types of incidents.  In the event of a violation it is important that the proper steps be taken to prevent these incidents from occurring in the future.   If incidents are not reported, immediately disciplinary action will be taken.

Once an incident is reported an incident investigation must be completed.  It is important to start the investigation immediately following the incident to gather facts about the incident while they are still fresh.  The incident investigation includes, employee information, location of incident, time of incident, incident classification, injury classification, injury type, body part affected, incident description, witnesses, employee statement, witness statements, corrective actions, management review and completion of corrective actions.  The purpose of the incident investigation is not to place blame, but to get to the root cause of the incident and put corrective actions in place to prevent them from occurring in the future.




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