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Posted on: June 27, 2011 By: Megan Knoll, Dir of Marketing

General Safety Rules

The following are a list of general safety rules to follow while working on the jobsite.  Although this is not a list on all requirements, following these rules may prevent you or a coworker from becoming involved in an incident.

  1. Be sure you know how to perform the job and perform it safely.
  2. Be sure you know its hazards and how to protect yourself.  If you aren’t sure or have questions, ask your supervisor!
  3. Report all near misses, incidents, injuries and illnesses immediately.
  4. Wear the required personal protective equipment necessary for the job.  Safety glasses are required as minimum eye protection on all jobsites.
  5. Always work clear of suspended loads.
  6. Never conduct work, unless trained.
  7. Do not become complacent!  Always keep your mind and eyes on the task at hand.
  8. Always know the emergency action plan for your jobsite.  Know what the warning tones are and where to go.
  9. Obey all warning signs and barricades.
  10. Inspect all equipment, scaffolds, ladders, lifts, etc. before using.  If found to be defective remove from service.
  11. Report any unsafe tools, equipment or hazardous conditions to your supervisor.
  12. See that good housekeeping is maintained in your work area.
  13. Exercise proper lifting techniques.
  14. Operate vehicles in a safe manner and obey site driving rules.
  15. Do not perform work under unsafe conditions.  Any employee has the right to stop work if they feel it is unsafe.
  16. Horseplay of any kind will not be permitted.
  17. Only authorized personnel shall repair company furnished tools or equipment.
  18. Firearms on the job are prohibited.
  19. Always keep a positive attitude.  This will make the day go better and make you a safer worker.
  20. Do not use ladders as scaffolds and never climb so high that it is impossible to hold the top step for support.
  21. Never use a step ladder as a straight ladder.
  22. Don’t put yourself and your supervisor on the spot by not observing safety rules and regulations!
  23. If you see someone doing something unsafe or at risk say something to that employee!
  24. If you have concerns or questions, do not hesitate to contact Trevor Atherton at (812) 483-8049.

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