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Association and Affiliation Membership

Proud Member

Gribbins Insulation believes in the importance of continual education for its employees and active involvement in the construction industry. We work toward this goal through membership and participation in a variety of industry associations. Our involvement even led to a feature in the FMI Quarterly Magazine by FMI Management Consulting, which is a leading provider of management consulting to the worldwide construction industry.

Featured in FMI Quarterly Magazine, 2011, Issue 2:

Gribbins Insulation from Evansville, Ind., is an active member of the Indiana Construction Association (ICA) Southwest and participates in its construction round tables, which are offered four times per year. For safety and product education, Gribbins Insulation senior staff will attend the annual conferences for the National Insulation Association (NIA), Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) and Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association (SMACNA).
“Many of our employees are involved in multiple construction-related trade associations, and all have found benefits from the education that is provided,” said Brian Willett, a 15-year employee of Gribbins Insulation, who serves as vice president of estimating and sales. “While I attend meetings at the Central States Insulation Association (CSIA) for union-related concerns and to also ensure that our local area is on the same page as the surrounding states, our secretary-treasurer will attend the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) seminars to bring back valuable information on taxes or any issues that can better our business.”

Central States Insulation Association (CSIA)

Regular member and active in regional meetings.  Jim Gribbins is past President and board member.  Brian Willett currently serves on the board.

National Union Insulation Contractors Alliance

Charter member.  Jim Gribbins serves as a board member.

National Insulation Association (NIA)

Regular member.  Jim Gribbins is a former board member.

Associated General Contractors of America (AGC)

Affiliate member.  Active in state meetings and seminars.

AGC Indiana Chapter: Indiana Construction Association:  ICA Website

Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA)

Affiliate member.  Active in state meetings and seminars.

Construction Users Round Table (CURT)

Joined as a Contractor Subscriber in 2010

National Safety Council (NSC)

Regular member.  Active in national meetings and seminars.

Master Insulators Association of Evansville (MIAE)

Regular member.  Employer group responsible for contract negotiation and general union relations for Heat and Frost Insulators, Local 37.  Jim Gribbins is in his 18th year as President and chief contract negotiator for the association.

Joint Apprenticeship Committee

A committee of union members and employers.  Responsible for training and overseeing the Insulators Local 37 apprenticeship program.  Jim Gribbins is a founding member and former chairman.  Mark Gribbins currently serves as trustee.

The National Asbestos Workers Pension & Medical Funds

Jim Gribbins is in his 18th year as Trustee and is a member of the Executive Committee.

Local 37 Annuity Fund

Jim Gribbins is in his 17th year as Secretary and Trustee.

Industry Fund

A fund set up for the betterment of the insulation industry in the Tri-State area.  Jim Gribbins is Chairman and Trustee.


A voluntary EPA membership program.  Supports our “green” campaign and helps us track our internal waste reduction efforts.

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