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Posted on: September 7, 2016 By: Megan Knoll, Dir of Marketing

Chuck Leroy, Foreman and Safety Leader

Insulator Chuck Leroy

Insulator Chuck Leroy

Gribbins Insulation is committed to safe, high quality work.  Much of that commitment revolves around the efforts of our union workforce, who work in all types of weather, at all types of jobsites.  Recently, we received the following email from Andy Kuhens, Environmental, Safety, and Health Engineer for Messer Construction at the University of Kentucky Academic Science Building project.  Mr. Kuhens has graciously allowed us to share his words about one of our foremen, Chuck Leroy:

I don’t typically write e-mails like this; however, I felt compelled to due to the outstanding job your foreman, Chuck Leroy, did at the UK Academic Science Building. As you know, Messer takes their safety very seriously and strives for a Zero Injury culture. Unfortunately, a lot of contractors don’t share the same views on safety as we do. I can’t say that about Chuck. Each day presented new challenges for Chuck and his crew, especially with fall protection, and without fail he always would call to discuss the situation to figure out a safe plan of action. That’s pretty rare for a foreman to go above and beyond like that. Chuck was always proactive when anticipating hazards and holding his guys accountable to work safe. Likewise he was always very respectful to Messer management and other contractors on the jobsite. It was a real pleasure working with him. Anyhow I just wanted to take a few minutes to brag on him – he did a great job!

An insulator for Gribbins Insulation since 2008, we are extremely proud of Mr. Leroy’s efforts.  Chuck worked at the UK Academic Science Building project for approximately 12 months.  He has now moved to running our work at the Student Recreation Center, which is another year-long project at the University of Kentucky.  Our Louisville Area Manager, Kyle Forrester, states, “At Gribbins, safety is number one.  We strive to maximize customer satisfaction by providing the highest levels of safety, quality, and productivity, and we have recognized Chuck’s commitment to these ideals for quite some time. I am thrilled to know that our clients also notice his efforts.”

Congrats to Chuck Leroy on a job done WELL and SAFE!

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