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CSIA December 2013 Newsletter

Gribbins Insulation prides itself on leading the industry with our award-winning safety program and active involvement in many Brian CSIA President Picindustry associations. Most recently, Executive Vice President Brian Willett was honored to win the post of President of the Central States Insulation Association. Gribbins Insulation has a long relationship with the CSIA, and we are thrilled that Brian will be leading this group for the next two years. We will post each of his monthly newsletter messages on our website, along with a link to the CSIA newsletter.
Congratulations, Brian!

CSIA December 2013 Newsletter

CSIA December 2013 President’s Message from Brian Willett:
I would like to start off this message to wish Rob English a speedy recovery. As a past President of CSIA, a business associate, and a good friend, Rob has enlightened many CSIA members’ lives. Please keep him and his family in your prayers. I’m sure we all take things for granted, and our health is something that we cannot compromise. Visit your doctor regularly, eat healthy, and exercise so we will see you at many CSIA events to come.
An update on a topic that should be dear to all our contractor hearts: foreman training. Earlier this year, I was invited to a two-day preview of a Foreman Training Program that the International is planning on implementing along with the help of us contractors. They are currently preparing individuals to lead the
training, and we should be able to set something up through CSIA early next year. I will keep you posted.
Our CSIA staff is currently in talks to develop a partnership with the CLRC group (Carey Peters) who spoke at this past year’s Fall Conference. Many attendees provided very positive feedback regarding the knowledge and facts presented by the CLRC. A partnership would allow CSIA members to utilize CLRC as a resource in the future at a discounted rate.
Reminder: The upcoming NIA Committee Days are December 3rd and 4th in Reston, VA. I’m sure everyone is busy but the more we can unite to help support our industry and provide a voice the better.  By the time you read this your Thanksgiving dinner will finally be digested, and hopefully you will begin your holiday shopping. I would like to wish you a warm and healthy holiday season surrounded by those you love. Travel safely!!!

President’s Message

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