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Construction Industry Safety Excellence Award

On November 8, 2011, the Construction Users Roundtable honored Gribbins Insulation as one of the 2011 Construction Industry Safety Excellence award winners.  Megan Knoll,  Director of Marketing, accepted the award for us during the CURT National Conference at The Wild Horse Pass Resort in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) is an association of leading corporations dedicated to the promotion of cost-effective construction methods.  The members, as major consumers of construction services such as Marathon Petroleum and Duke Energy, seek to foster improved construction safety performance through recognition of the achievement of excellence and the promotion of proven effective work practices.

The Construction Industry Safety Excellence (CISE) awards program seeks to encourage efforts to improve safety by recognizing safety leaders in all segments of the construction industry.  Award applications were distributed to CURT members as well as leading national contractor associations and local construction user councils throughout the United States and Canada.

CURT Executive Vice President Gregory Sizemore presented the CISE awards to three categories of contractors, as well as three owners and five construction projects.  Other winners included such well-known companies as Eli Lilly, Proctor & Gamble, and Merck & Co.  See the full list of winners here: http://www.curt.org/Awards-Safety-CISE-Awards.aspx

At Gribbins Insulation, maintaining a safe working environment is the responsibility of every employee, from the company president to the newest hire. All employees have the right and responsibility to fully understand each of their assigned tasks, stop work if they spot an at-risk condition, and return home to their families in the same condition as they arrived at work.  As Trevor Atherton, our Safety Manager, emphasizes, “Our safety program works.  Not a single lost workday case since 2007. We are proof that even a mid-sized insulation contractor can develop and maintain a successful and extensive safety program.”

This is the third safety award we have received in the past month, and we expect to receive another next week.

Zero Injury Safety Awards: On October 26, we received three Zero Injury Certificates of Merit from the National Maintenance Agreement Policy Commitee for our 194,000+ hours of work at the Alcoa Warrick Generating Station, at the Duke Energy Edwardsport jobsite, and IP&L in Petersburg, Indiana.

Named one of America’s Safest Companies:  EHS Today, a national magazine devoted to safety and health, honored us as one of America’s Safest Companies at the awards ceremony on October 31.

Honored as one of America’s Safest Companies

Gribbins Insulation was named one of America’s Safest Companies by EHS Today.  Megan Knoll, Director of Marketing, accepted the award on behalf of Gribbins Insulation during a ceremony on Monday, October 31, 2011, at the Rittenhouse Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

EHS Today, a national magazine dedicated to the management of risk in the workplace and environment, has presented this prestigious award to twelve companies annually since 2002.  To be considered one of America’s Safest Companies, organizations must demonstrate: support from management and employee involvement; innovative solutions to safety challenges; injury and illness rates lower than the average for their industries; comprehensive training programs; evidence that prevention of incidents is the cornerstone of the safety process; good communication about the value of safety; and a way to substantiate the benefits of the safety process.  Learn more about why Gribbins Insulation was honored here.

EHS Today Executive Editor Sandy Smith presented the twelve awards, and emphasized the tough competition this year, best demonstrated by the “hundreds of applications submitted.”  The eleven other companies included Fluor Corporation, Caterpillar Inc., and Honeywell Federal Manufacturing and Technologies.  Gribbins Insulation was the second smallest company honored.

Upon winning the award, Jim Gribbins, President and Founder of Gribbins Insulation, stated, “Our core values – integrity, quality, productivity, and innovation – all have a common thread… SAFETY.  Every team member at Gribbins Insulation, including the person we hired yesterday and the person we may hire tomorrow, must place safety in front of all actions.  There is absolutely no task that is so important or necessary that we might consider sacrificing safety, to even the slightest degree, in an effort to perform the task.”

Gribbins Insulation is honored to be recognized in this elite class of American businesses.  In addition to being honored as one of America’s Safest Companies, Gribbins Insulation has won the following safety awards over the past year:

  • Indiana Construction Association (ICA) Gold Summit Safety Award
  • Indiana Governor’s Workplace Safety Award
  • Marathon Division Manager’s Contractor Safety Excellence Award
  • Metro Indianapolis Coalition for Construction Safety (MICCS) Safety Achievement Award
  • National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee (NMAPC) Zero Recordable Injury Certificate of Merit
  • National Safety Council (NSC) Occupational Excellence Achievement Award
  • The Association of Union Constructors (TAUC) Thomas J. Reynolds Award for Excellence in Construction Safety

Learn more about the award-winning Gribbins safety program here.

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