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Posted on: March 11, 2011 By: Megan Knoll, Dir of Marketing

Quality Control Craftsman Introduced at Duke Energy

On March 1, 2011, Gribbins Insulation and the International  Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers introduced the “Quality Control Craftsman” (QCC) for the duration of their work at Duke Energy’s new IGCC power plant in Edwardsport, Indiana.  Gribbins Insulation partnered with the International to establish the QCC position at the Duke jobsite, which supports the “Professional Craftsman Code of Conduct” (PCCC) among all union insulators.

According to James Grogan, General President of the International, the PCCC program “establishes standards of conduct to be embraced by every member of our union both on and off the jobsite.  The standards apply to safety practices, quality of work, and dedication to professionalism.”  To ensure compliance with all aspects of the PCCC, Local 37’s executive board, including Business Manager Pat Barron Jr.,  established the special QCC position at the Edwardsport jobsite.  The QCC, Steve Gaiser, works full-time at the Duke jobsite to reinforce the standards of the PCCC on a daily basis among all insulators, reporting directly to Local 37’s executive board.  For more information, visit the International’s QCC website at http://www.insulators.org/QCC/main/index.asp.

Gribbins Insulation is committed to its core values of integrity, safety, quality, productivity, and innovation.  This partnership with the International to establish the QCC position at a jobsite is a first for a Gribbins Insulation project.  Representatives of Gribbins Insulation, Local 37, and Duke Energy were present for the introduction of the PCCC program and QCC position in Edwardsport.

Top row: Cost Control Specialist Jamie Waldroup, Safety Coordinator Rick Jordan, Duke Construction Coordinator Ric Grimmer, Jeremy Littrell, Fit Tight Covers Design Specialist Calvin Brasel, Gary Green, QCC Steve Gaiser, Mike Bradley, Mark Laubscher

Bottom row: Gribbins Vice President Brian Willett, General Foreman Nathan Schiff, Derek Beck, Construction Manager David Mills, Gribbins President Jim Gribbins, Local 37 Business Manager Pat Barron Jr., Adam Goebel, Jake Jordan, John Staalenburg, Andy Kraus

Gribbins Insulation’s commitment to quality and safety has been recognized consistently by state and national organizations.  View a list of all of our awards here.

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