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Annual Field Meetings Featured Local Flavor

This year, our Annual Field Meetings for Gribbins Insulation had a local focus, taking place at each field site during the months of August through October. The gatherings provided opportunities for management and field employees to share a meal as well as conversation. Topics discussed included company updates, upcoming projects, in addition to the status of both the union medical fund and the pension fund. Jim Gribbins, Founder and President, along with Area Managers, Safety Department personnel, and Vice Presidents were present at each event. Jim expressed his appreciation for all team members who attended.

Venues and Turnouts:

August 30: Lunch with the Lilly Team at Eli Lilly in Indianapolis (30 attendees)

August 30: Dinner with the Local 51 Team at the Louisville Bats game (20 attendees)

September 19: Evansville Team met for dinner in the Dakota Room at Gribbins Headquarters (60 attendees)

October 2: Marathon Team lunch in Robinson, Illinois (25 attendees)

October 2: Terre Haute Team dinner at the legendary Rick’s Smokehouse (25 attendees)

October 3: Calvert City Team dinner (20 attendees)

President’s Message

Q4 2017 Safety Star Winners

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Announcing our final safety star winners from 2017!

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Safety STARS!

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Announcing our Safety STAR winners from the 3rd quarter of 2017

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Toolbox Talk

Incident Reporting and Record Keeping

Posted: 01/29/18 By: Trevor Atherton, Safety Mgr

Report all incidents to your foreman or the safety department immediately!

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Posted: 01/22/18 By: Trevor Atherton, Safety Mgr

Formaldehyde is a highly toxic agent that should be handled with extreme caution. OSHA encourages employers to follow standard requirements in order to maintain the safest work environment.

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